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Use G4 LED lights to Cut power consumption on board

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A fundamental concern for all boat owners is power consumption. With limited battery storage on most boats, power consumption must be kept to a minimum to extend the time that can be spent on board without having to find expensive marinas to plug in to charge the batteries.

One of the major sources of power consumption on a boat is lighting. Most boats are fitted with power hungry halogen bulbs. LED lights are now a very cost effective alternative to halogen lights and they offer a massive up to 90 percent reduction in power consumption.

G4 Led lights can be used to replace existing cabin lights. The fittings don’t need to be changed as the G4 LED lights are designed to work with most existing fittings. G4 LED lights will also last much longer than the bulbs they are replacing(G4 LED bulbs typically 50,000 hours against halogen 2000 to 4000 hours).

So G4 LED lights will cut down on power consumption and will last much longer. G4 LED lights also run cool and can be purchased in warm white to give your saloon that same cosy feel you get with halogen bulbs.
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