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200W Foot Inline Dimmer Switch

Model No.: QE-FT-200W-001
Input Voltage : AC 200-240V 50Hz
Dimming mode : Trailing Edge
Load range : 3-200W
LED signal design : Yes
Over short circuit protect: Yes
Over heat,load protect : Yes
Certificates :CE RoHS
Warranty :2 years


No Neutral required, easy for installation.

Minimum load 2W, compatible incandescent bulb and dimmable LED lamps. 

Compatible with most of well-know wall plate,eg Berker,Jung,Phea,Bush&Jeager

Built in Short-circuit, overload and over temperature protection, make sure the connection fafe when wrong wiring or failure load

Resettable short circuit protection replace traditional fuse design,make sure the dimmer can survive in wrong wiring or failure load,after problems fixed,and reset,dimmer will keep working as normal.


Dimming Speed

It allows user adjust dimming speed as request

Min Brightness

Setting the minimum light with MIN, make the light stable.

LED signal

Light up when power on:

Green light- Wiring and loading well.

Red light- 1. Short-circuit problem happened in the connection.

                 2. Wrong operation warning- The user didn’t Switch off electricity before changing loading lamp.   

Yellow Lighting- Totally loading lamp’s power consumption is beyond the the dimmer Maximum load limited




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