Color Kelvin/Power adjustable by Slide Switch G4 4W 400lm

Model: FR-G4-4W-015SW

✓ Base type:G4 
✓ Voltage:AC/DC12V

✓ Wattage: 3.6W
✓ Brightness: 430lm
✓ Dimensions: Ø18.4*45mm
✓ Flicker: Flicker Free
✓ Color Temperature: 1800-6500K
✓ Dimmable: Yes
✓ SDCM: <4/6
✓ CRI/Ra: 80 / 90 / 95
✓ R9: >0 /50 /90
✓ SVM: <0.4, PstLM: <1



In the world of LED lighting, the complexities of color temperature have long posed challenges for both consumers and seller, From the warm ambiances created by 2700K bulbs, suitable for cozy living spaces, to the neutral white of 4000K bulbs, often preferred in workspaces or kitchens, the spectrum was vast, like 2200K,2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K,6000K.Consumers frequently faced the predicament of selecting the right kelvin for the right space, leading to purchase hesitations. Recognizing these challenges, the LED supplier delved into the development of a revolutionary bulb kelvin solution



Model No. FR-G4-4W-015SW
Voltage(V) AC/DC12V
Watt(W) 3.6W
Lumen(Im) 430lm
Dimensions(mm) Ø18.4*45mm
Weight(g) 11g
PF 0.7
CCT(k) 1800-6500K
CRI 80/90/95
SDCM 4/6