Trailing Edge 10-150W HAL/INC 2-100W LED Plug in Dimmer

Model: QE-PL-150W-001

✓ Voltage:  90-120VAC /200-240VAC
✓ LED Load: 2-100W@PF 0.7
✓ Halo, Incandescent Load: 10-150W
✓ Dim Type:R.C- trailing edge dimmer
✓ Error LED Indicator Function
         Green-Work Normal
         Red--- Short circuit  
✓ Auto reactivate overload / short circuit protection
✓ Intertek CE( EMC LVD) RoHS Reach approvals 
✓ Memory position for the last setting
✓ Smooth dimming function without flashing ,Buzzing .
✓ 0-100% Deep dimming range,
✓ Great compatibility,works with 99% of dimmable LED bulb in market .



Min Brightness

Setting the minimum light with MIN, make the light stable.

Dimming Speed 

It allows user adjust dimming speed as per request

Error LED Indicator 

Light up when power on:

Green light- Wiring and loading well.

Red light- 1. Short-circuit problem happened in the connection. 

                  2. Wrong operation warning- The user didn’t Switch off electricity before changing loading lamp.  

Yellow Lighting- Totally loading lamp’s power consumption is beyond the the dimmer Maximum load limited

Soft Start

Gradual turning on of an electronic power supply to avoid stressing the components by the sudden current or voltage surges associated with the initial charging of capacitors and transformers,which will friendly protect bulb ,longer bulb lifespan.


1. Make sure the electricity is switched off before any operation ,Connect the wire as per the” Wire Connection”

2.loosen screws,remove cover and button,connect wires correctly,then insert push button into cover,and tighten screws.

3.Switch on the electricity again, push button quickly switch on and check the LED signal,

         --LED Signal in Green light, it mean wire and loading working well.

        --LED Signal in Red, it means short circuit happened in the wiring, push knob off and Switch off electricity, check all wiring connection, find the short circuit problem and fix it, then switch on electricity and push knob on the dimmer 1 time to reset, when LED signal in               green, it means problem have been solved and dimmer working well.

        --LED Signal in Yellow, it means connection is over load, push knob off and Switch off electricity, checking all lamps loaded, decrease lamp qty or change to lower watt, make sure the loading watt is under the Maximum limited, when solved over load problem, switch                on electricity and push knob on to reset the dimmer, when the LED signal in green, it means problem have been solved and connection OK.

4.When the LED signal in Green light, adjust the Min to setting the minimum brightness level keep the light stable.

5. A quick press turn on or off the lamps, A long press for dimming,To change dimming direction (Ascending or descending) unhand the button and press again until the desired brightness.

6. The dimmer will remember the last dim level (light intensity) where it was turned off and return to the same light level when turning on again.


Model No. QE-PL-150W-001
Product Name Trailing Edge 10-150W HAL/INC 2-100W LED Plug in Dimmer
Hal/INC Load Watt 10-150W
LED Load Watt 2-75W
Dimming Type R.C Trailing Edge
Protect Function Resettable Short Circuit / Overheat /Overload protect
Error Indicator Yes, Green-Normal,Yellow-Overheat,Red-Short circuit
Body Material ABS+PC
Product Size L 57 x W 109 x H 72mm
Color White
Net Weight 92g
Warranty 3 years